Episode 1. Skills vs. Competencies: Why It Is Important to Identify and Develop Them

Episode 1. Skills vs. Competencies: Why It Is Important to Identify and Develop Them

In today’s swiftly evolving corporate landscape, where roles undergo rapid evolution and job descriptions struggle to keep pace, prioritizing skills and competencies over specific roles offers the agility needed to navigate technological changes effectively. Studies by leading institutions such as KPMG and Deloitte underline the urgent need for organizations to prioritize skills and competencies over traditional job roles. This shift is not merely a trend but a strategic response to the fast-paced technological advancements that demand a more agile and adaptable workforce.

But what exactly are skills and competencies? The distinction between these two is critical, as it influences how organizations assess, train, and deploy their talent. For instance, while a skill might refer to proficiency in a particular software, a competency could relate to problem-solving ability, which integrates multiple skills and knowledge areas.

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The Organizational Imperative

Why should organizations care? The answer lies in the dynamic nature of the global business environment. With the rapid pace of technological change, companies that focus on developing both the skills and competencies of their employees are better positioned to innovate, adapt, and thrive. This approach not only enhances individual career paths but also drives organizational growth by aligning talent development with strategic objectives.

Real-world Applications

Leading companies, including Google with its data-driven talent management strategies and Amazon’s competency-focused Leadership Principles, along with Unilever and Capgemini, are leveraging data-driven approaches and talent marketplace tools to track and utilize skills and competencies for talent management. This drive for efficiency enhances employee experience and contributes to achieving better business outcomes.

The message is clear: for organizations looking to navigate the complexities of the modern business world, understanding and leveraging the difference between skills and competencies is not just beneficial—it’s essential.

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