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Why It's Time for Talent and Learning Analytics

Only 3% of executives have the information needed to make sound people decisions

Source: Deloitte
87% of executives are experiencing skill gaps in the workforce or expected them within a few years
Source: Deloitte
Over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States
Source: U.S Department of Education

Get Your Talent Strategy Right

If your organization lacks the information needed to make the right talent decisions, then you should consider EDLIGO Talent Analytics.

Make sound people decisions

Make use of the power of data and AI to make the right business decisions, supporting your organization’s strategy.

Improve employee experience

Let People Analytics provide employees with a differentiated experience, help them identify opportunities and increase their satisfaction and retention.

Optimize Your Learning Outcomes

If you are in charge of learning in a school, university or organization, then you should consider EDLIGO Learning Analytics for better learning outcomes.

Evaluate Learning Progress

Measure whether students are learning, derive personalized learning paths and group learning paths without increasing cost and complexity, analyze learning path interventions and progress.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Get deep insights into how learning processes are aligned with international standards. Analyze which interventions need to take place, to maximize improvement of learning outcomes. Drive organizational excellence and accreditation efforts using data.

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Discover an Advanced Analytics solution that enables your organization make the right decisions in talent management and learning management using the power of data and AI

EDLIGO AI Talent and Learning analytics rapid deployment
Rapid Deployment

EDLIGO stands out with rapid deployment and seamless integration with various platforms

EDLIGO AI Talent and Learning analytics

Flexible, scalable, and personalizable technology

EDLIGO GDPR Compliance
ISO 27001 Certification, GDPR Compliance

High data privacy protection and international security standards

EDLIGO predictive analytics
Native AI

AI for advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics

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Move to AI-driven decision making for better talent decisions and learning outcomes.

Apply the power of AI to large datasets to uncover patterns and solve complex problems.

Foster human and AI collaboration.






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EDLIGO is a leading company specialized in AI-powered talent and learning analytics.

We empower our customers with AI-based solutions that help drive focused actions targeted at helping corporates and education institutions to develop and succeed.

Founded in Erlangen and incubated at the Friedrich-Alexander Universität, Germany’s most innovative university, we aspire to be at the forefront of technology and innovation.

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