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Layoffs 2023: Think twice before firing your people - EDLIGO Talent Analytics

Learn about the potential impact of 2023 layoffs on your business, employees, and bottom line. Discover strategies for avoiding layoffs, reducing costs, and managing layoffs with empathy and care.

ESG for HR

ESG is an important consideration for companies now more than ever, and HR plays a critical role in supporting these efforts and creating a sustainable and responsible workforce. 

2023 HR Trends Every HR Should Know - People Analytics

2023 will be more than ever the year of Human Resources! The digital revolution and the epidemic had a huge impact on HR. Employees have different expectations of the company, which the organizations must meet.

HR 2022 recap EDLIGO Talent Analytics

Essential skills, internal mobility  for employee retention, leadership development strategy, employee well-being, and ROI on learning and development strategy are just a few of the important HR trends for 2022.

Skills Inventory Management - EDLIGO HR Analytics

Skills inventory is an internal resource in which a company stores information about existing employees’ capabilities, experience (past and present), and goals as a tool for accomplishing the organization’s goals and objectives.

Transparency about human capital is important for access to lending, leasing, and other financial instruments. A corporation must add a non-financial statement to its management report.

By Reimund Nienaber

HR Consulting Director at EDLIGO and a thought leader

Competency Mapping EDLIGO Talent Analytics

Lack of a clear understanding of the workforce’s current capabilities can result in skills gaps that slow down the execution of the organization’s digital strategy. Leaders can utilize competency mapping and advanced tools to support strategic objectives.

Jobs and competencies are always changing. A well-targeted and timely upskilling and reskilling strategy can assist your organization in preparing for the future and meeting new demands.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DE&I) are more important than ever. It is not enough to simply talk about change; we must also act on it. We must make decisions based on data and evidence rather than long-held prejudices.

By Reimund Nienaber

Cost of Hiring - Why Losing the Best Talent is so Costly

The role of AI in HR is growing, more organizations are implementing AI-Powered People Analytics for Data-driven Talent Management decisions.

AI is increasingly being used to automate many HR processes, and it appears that automation is going to pay off big time.

The years 2020 and 2021 have completely changed the way we work. 2022 is a year when human resources must navigate the wave of change that has spread over the past two years.

Learning Analytics News

How to Adapt Learning and Development Plans to Meet Organization’s Demands

According to LinkedIn Learning Report, 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development. Descriptive analysis data may be used to track different levels of engagement, participation rates, and test results.

Competency-based Education: Prepare Your Students for the Future of Work

Competency-based learning provides opportunities for a student-driven, practical learning environment, and it successfully engages young people in their learning.

Improve Students' Retention Rates in Higher Education

How to increase student retention is one of the biggest topics in higher education. Here you will find 5 strategies for improving retention rates with Learning Analytics.

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