Talent Analytics for Operational Excellence


Optimize workforce efficiency through AI-driven staffing insights


Boost profit margins with data-driven talent decisions


Increase revenue by unlocking the full potential of your talent

EDLIGO Talent Management Analytics solution

Effectively Match Skills to Tasks

Create self-sufficient, multidisciplinary, effective teams by effectively matching skills and talent to tasks

EDLIGO Talent Analytics solution

Transform Project Staffing

Reduce staffing time and improve process efficiency with AI-powered recommendations on matching the expertise to projects and engagements

EDLIGO HR Analytics solution

Boost Performance with Data Insights

Become a “purpose-driven” organization by concentrating on talent and performance and making efficient data-driven decisions


Run a Professional Services Organization with Precision and Efficiency

workforce planning EDLIGO

Workforce Planning

EDLIGO transforms workforce planning with identification of top talent, structured internal mobility, and data-driven succession strategies, predicting attrition while offering detailed skill insights

Project Staffing

EDLIGO excels in project staffing, offering invaluable recommendations for optimal team compositions, ensuring projects are strategically staffed for success

Project Insights

EDLIGO’s Talent Analytics identifies project risks through talent data, mitigating issues like engagement and skill gaps for project success


Skills-Based Project Planning Assistant

EDLIGO Project Planning Assistant Talent Analytics
1. Identify skills required for project success

AI-powered Talent Analytics efficiently extracts key skills and competencies from project and role descriptions, enabling targeted talent placement for optimal project outcomes

2. Get recommendations on project staffing

Based on the extracted skills, competencies, aspirations, and availability of internal talent, EDLIGO delivers tailored staffing recommendations to align the right individuals with each project’s specific needs

3. Assess candidate CVs thoroughly

If no current talent matches, AI screens and analyzes external candidates’ CVs to identify the best fit

4. Cultivate key skills for performance

Talent Analytics identifies adjacent skills and crafts personalized learning plans for each employee, enhancing their potential for project roles

5. Monitor project performance and risks

Keep a clear overview of all your resources while monitoring project performance and risks, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of the competition


Increase in Utilization Rate

Up to


Increase in Company's Revenues

Up to


Decrease in Attrition Rates

Up to

Data-Driven Operational Efficiency

Strengthen your consulting organization with AI-driven Talent Analytics and project staffing, refining every aspect of talent management for superior excellence and competitive edge

EDLIGO Project Planning Assistant Talent Analytics


Operational Excellence in Consulting and Professional Services Organizations

Empower your organization, download this free guide on Talent Transformation, leading the way to operational excellence in consulting and professional services organizations

How to build a skills-based organization

Case Study

Capgemini partnered with EDLIGO to establish a Talent Intelligence Platform to help implement its talent agenda.

“EDLIGO helped us get a very clear understanding of the skill and competency level of our employees. It gave us a very clear view of what people are ready not just for the current role, with a current set of skills required for them to perform the job, but who are ready to grow to the next level of role. It helped us to plan our Talent programs and L&D interventions better. Instead of doing L&D interventions, that would not have been valued by the employees, we could tailor and customize the programs for each of the employee.”

Surabhi Sunanda, Talent Director

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