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Corporations, educational institutions, and governments around the world rely on EDLIGO to make the right decisions in talent management and learning management

Talent Analytics for Automotive industry

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Solve the most complex talent management problems such as up-skilling, retention, employees experience and career development

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Make the right decisions to offer an individualized learning experience, achieve high staff qualification standards, and get faster accreditation


Optimize decision making to achieve better learning outcomes, optimize resource allocation and meet international benchmarks

EDLIGO Talent and Learning Analytics



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How to build a skills-based organization


Capgemini partnered with EDLIGO to establish a Talent Intelligence Platform to help implement its talent agenda.

“EDLIGO helped us get a very clear understanding of the skill and competency level of our employees. It gave us a very clear view of what people are ready not just for the current role, with a current set of skills required for them to perform the job, but who are ready to grow to the next level of role. It helped us to plan our Talent programs and L&D interventions better. Instead of doing L&D interventions, that would not have been valued by the employees, we could tailor and customize the programs for each of the employee.”

Surabhi Sunanda, Talent Director

Get Your Talent Strategy to a New Level

Make the right decisions in talent management and develop a data-driven HR strategy using the power of data and AI

EDLIGO Talent Analytics AI-Powered Platform


Uncover the Talent Analytics Opportunity

Discover the true potential of Talent Analytics with the EDLIGO ROI Calculator. Uncover the hidden opportunities within your workforce and harness the power of data-driven decision-making.

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