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Corporations, educational institutions, and governments around the world rely on EDLIGO to make the right decisions in talent management and learning management

Solve the most complex talent management problems such as up-skilling, retention, employees experience and career development

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Make the right decisions to offer an individualized learning experience, achieve high staff qualification standards, and get faster accreditation


Optimize decision making to achieve better learning outcomes, optimize resource allocation and meet international benchmarks






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EDLIGO Talent Analytics and EDLIGO Learning Analytics are recognized by our customers around the globe including ministries and organizations in different industries

Don Bosco Mondo and EDLIGO Learning Analytics
Don Bosco Asean and EDLIGO Learning Analytics

Turning Data into Insights

Case Study

To reinforce and strengthen its program, the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment adopted EDLIGO software to deliver real-time analytics, insights, and recommendations.

“EDLIGO helped us closely monitor the proper assimilation of programs, evaluations, enrichment, and corrective measures, like early detection of trainees at risk and proactively identifying students needing additional support in order to better results through better education enabled by AI, such as student learning paths”

Chawki Laadhiri, Director of the Organization of Methods and IT Department

Make Decisions Based on Data

Develop and implement an effective Talent and Learning strategy with AI-powered Analytics

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Learning and Talent Analytics for Educational Institutions and Corporations

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