AI-Native Talent and Learning Solution

EDLIGO Talent and Learning Analytics Technology
EDLIGO Talent Analytics AI-Powered Platform

AI for Talent Analytics


EDLIGO’s interactive dashboards and advanced analytics lead to timely and effective fact-based decision making


EDLIGO makes use of AI to uncover insights about talent related to skills, performance, learning and development


AI algorithms help create a personalized career path based on talent’s competencies and career aspirations

AI for Learning Analytics


Powered with AI, EDLIGO helps provide personalized learning path based on student performance, attendance, and special needs


AI enables decision makers predict learning outcomes, and take corrective measures


AI allows to predict outcomes and to simulate scenarios

EDLIGO Learning Analytics AI-Powered Platform

Why Choose EDLIGO

Discover an Advanced Analytics solution that enables your organization make the right decisions in talent management and learning management using the power of data and AI

Rapid deployment and seamless Integration with various platforms

Innovative, easy to use dashboards with proven impact and smart AI integration

Rooted in research with patented leading-edge features

ISO27001, GDPR, high security standards

EDLIGO Advanced Learning Analytics solution

Flexible and personalizable technology

Highly robust, scalable and peak-performance technology stack

Seamless integration with various platforms

EDLIGO can be easily integrated with any of HCM or LMS platforms for data collection and procession.


Use Your Existing Data

Connect EDLIGO Analytics with any of existing source of HR Data


Protect Your Data and Privacy

Make sure that the data of your people is well-protected

What our customers say about EDLIGO

Testimonials from users of EDLIGO Talent and Learning Analytics

“Entire leadership of the organization received above side view to plan the strategy to develop workforce and plan the strategy to meet the overall ambition of the organization”

” EDLIGO gave us a very clear picture of employee aspirations and skills sets which helped us design career paths for high-potential employees.”

” Time spent on this activity was beneficial. It allowed me to structure my competencies and see where I stand and where I want to be.”

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