Fuel Talent Growth and Transformation with Data & AI


Identify the current state of your workforce, get a clear map of people and skills


Provide personalized learning to develop skills to drive the industry transformation


Prepare your workforce to be able to deliver the sustainable, smart, energy-efficient vehicles of tomorrow

EDLIGO Talent Analytics for Healthcare

Address Skills Gaps for Future Readiness

Identify and bridge skills gaps to adapt to the shift to electric vehicles, technology integration, reduced manual labor, and increased demand for software engineering expertise

Attract, Develop and Retain Top Talent

Address talent scarcity by positioning yourself as an employer of choice, attracting top talent through personalized learning, career paths, and fostering growth and retention

Ensure Equal Opportunities

Cultivate diversity and inclusion in the workforce, mitigating disparities in the Automotive industry by promoting unbiased opportunities in promotion, rotation, and succession


Transforming the Automotive Workforce


Develop a talent pool with the key skills necessary for the success of your modernization and automation projects


Ensure that your workforce can manage the rapidly changing supplier landscape and market conditions


Achieve your sustainability goals with data-driven, unbiased insights into workforce diversity and capability


Skills-Based Talent Management

Talent Analytics for Automotive industry
1. Uncover and close competency gaps

Talent Analytics maps and analyzes the skills and competencies of your automotive workforce, aligning individual proficiencies with industry requirements to identify both strengths and gaps in skills

2. Offer personalized learning plans

Based on identified skill gaps, EDLIGO provides personalized learning and development recommendations for each employee, ensuring targeted upskilling and reskilling

3. Provide career growth opportunities to each employee

EDLIGO is enhancing transparency in career opportunities by providing employees with a comprehensive overview of future roles and the necessary skills for their development in those positions

4. Conduct headcount and vacancy simulations

EDLIGO provides an overview of departing individuals and their skills, enabling proactive preparation through timely hiring or upskilling of existing employees.

5. Predict attrition and retain top talent

EDLIGO’s advanced analytics forecasts talent attrition in the automotive industry, empowering proactive retention efforts to preserve top-tier talent

6. Forecast retirements and retain valuable experience and skills

Retain the valuable experience and skills of older employees by offering clear and targeted career plans, acknowledging the benefits to both Automotive companies and society

7. Enhance production effectiveness and optimize business outcomes

EDLIGO elevates production effectiveness and efficiency in the automotive sector by strategically aligning talent with specific tasks, continually monitoring performance for optimal skill deployment and superior business outcomes.


Increase in Utilization Rate

Up to


Increase in Utilization of Training Resources

Up to


Decrease in Attrition Rates

Up to

Data-Driven Operational Efficiency

Embark on an innovative journey towards automotive workforce transformation, unlocking your team’s full potential through the capabilities of Talent Analytics, enhancing efficiency and performance

Why AI-Powered Talent Analytics Is the Key to Your Success

Talent Analytics ROI Calculator EDLIGO

Uncover the Talent Analytics opportunity

Talent Analytics ROI Calculator

Discover the true potential of Talent Analytics with the EDLIGO ROI Calculator. Uncover the hidden opportunities within your workforce and harness the power of data-driven decision-making.

Talent Analytics ROI Calculator EDLIGO

How to build a skills-based organization

Case Study

Capgemini partnered with EDLIGO to establish a Talent Intelligence Platform to help implement its talent agenda.

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