The Future of Learning Analytics

AI-powered Analytics solution to improve learning outcomes

EDLIGO Learning Analytics most innovative company in Germany
EDLIGO Learning Analytics AI-Powered Platform

Provide targeted academic support


Provide targeted academic support and drive timely actions for focus groups (e.g., students at risk, gifted students)


Identify students and instructors requiring academic support


Anticipate and predict academic support needs, before they turn to problems


Identify gifted students and provide them with an accelerated learning path


Make data-driven decisions on required interventions

Offer individualized learning experiences


Evaluate how students are learning and offer individualized learning experiences


Measure whether students are learning


Derive personalized learning paths and group learning paths – without increasing cost and complexity


Analyze learning path interventions and progress

EDLIGO Learning Analytics Improve Students Learning Outcomes

Identify areas for improvement on international benchmarks

Get deep insights into how learning processes are aligned with international standards

Analyze which interventions need to take place, to maximize improvement of learning outcomes

Drive organizational excellence and accreditation efforts using data


Sharpen identification of professional development needs for faculty


Make right decisions on which training to invest in for teachers/faculty


Improve staff engagement


Discover talent among faculty/staff and create effective professional learning communities

Make better Decisions Boosting Performance

Optimize resource allocation through efficient use of AI

Use recommendations on how learning and performance gaps can be closed in the most efficient way

Orchestrate actions to boost results and institutional performance

EDLIGO Learning Analytics

Make the right decisions in learning management using the power of data and AI

Digitize the learning process

Digitize your learning data, create a tool for teachers to improve teaching methods

Visualize data

Create visual scheme to targeted decision making

Promote effectiveness

Orchestrate actions based in the student’s profile to elevate results

Make data-driven decisions

Understand the essential needs and make decisions to stimulate growth ​

Get Your Learning Strategy to a New Level

Make the right decisions in learning management and education, develop a data-driven strategy using the power of AI

EDLIGO Learning Analytics free guide


AI-powered Analytics for Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes

Unlock the potential of AI-powered Learning Analytics with the comprehensive Free Guide. Explore cutting-edge insights, strategies, and tools to elevate your educational experiences and empower learners.

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