EDLIGO Talent and Learning Analytics Awards

The Future of Talent Analytics

A comprehensive AI-based Talent Analytics solution for data-driven talent management

EDLIGO Project Planning Assistant Talent Analytics
EDLIGO Talent Management Analytics solution

Create a Clear Map of People and Skills

Identify and map skills and competencies of your workforce, discover and close gaps

EDLIGO Talent Analytics solution

Elevate Experience and Engagement

Deliver exceptional employee experiences and offer growth opportunities to enhance engagement

EDLIGO HR Analytics solution

Boost Performance and Efficiency

Empower your talent with data-driven AI recommendations for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness


We Make Skills-Based Organizations Reality

workforce planning EDLIGO

Define Competency Frameworks with Current and Future Skills

EDLIGO revolutionizes how organizations see skills, defining critical abilities for enhanced performance and efficiency while providing insight into future skill requirements

Identify Skills of Your Workforce and Address Gaps

EDLIGO facilitates skill assessment and gap identification, providing tailored upskilling plans and ensuring a strategic and effective approach to talent development

Enhance Talent Management Decisions with Skills Data

EDLIGO assists organizational leaders in making informed talent decisions, utilizing targeted skills data for workforce planning, project staffing, rotation, succession, learning and development, and more


Supporting Strategic Talent Transformation

Identify and develop skills required for future success

Align individual skills with industry needs, identifying strengths, gaps, and offering targeted skill development

Place the best talent for each role

Identify employee potential through personalized career paths, enhancing engagement, and talent development

Conduct headcount and vacancy simulations

Anticipate retirements and attrition for strategic planning, preserving critical skills, while predicting future skill losses

Utilize Talent Analytics to streamline project staffing

Effectively staff projects with EDLIGO’s recommendations, leveraging data of skills, aspirations, and talent availability

Monitor project performance and risks

Monitor resources, track performance and risks, enabling informed decisions and timely interventions for optimal outcomes

Predict attrition and retain top talent

Utilize advanced analytics to forecast potential attrition, allowing for the deployment of targeted retention strategies

By Industry

EDLIGO Talent Intelligence

Consulting and Professional Services

EDLIGO’s enhance workforce efficiency, project staffing, and overall performance, leading to increased utilization rates, company revenues, and reduced attrition

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EDLIGO Healthcare Talent Experience


EDLIGO optimizes healthcare talent management by addressing turnover, and improving service efficiency through targeted training, resulting in superior operational efficiency

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Talent Analytics for Technology and Engineering

Technology and Engineering

EDLIGO optimizes tech and engineering talent by allocating tasks efficiently, closing skill gaps, and predicting attrition with AI, leading to increased utilization, and reduced attrition rates

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Talent Analytics for Automotive industry


Utilizes EDLIGO to identify and develop future skills, offer personalized learning plans, addressing talent scarcity in the automotive industry, foster diversity, and achieve sustainability goals

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Get Your Talent Strategy to a New Level

Make the right decisions in talent management and develop a data-driven HR strategy using the power of data and AI

EDLIGO Talent Analytics AI-Powered Platform

Seamless Integration with Various Platforms

EDLIGO can be easily integrated with any of HCM or LMS platforms for data collection and procession.


Use Your Existing Data

Connect EDLIGO Analytics with any of existing source of HR Data


Protect Your Data and Privacy

Make sure that the data of your people is well-protected


Uncover the Talent Analytics Opportunity

Discover the true potential of Talent Analytics with the EDLIGO ROI Calculator. Uncover the hidden opportunities within your workforce and harness the power of data-driven decision-making.

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