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Comprehensive Talent Analytics solution for data-driven talent management



EDLIGO Talent Analytics Platform

EDLIGO offers AI-powered Talent Analytics software solution that helps organizations make the right decisions in talent management and learning management using the power of data and AI

Create a data-driven map of your people and skills

Digitize your competency assessment, create a platform for employees to understand better their own competencies/skills

Understand the company’s essential skills and key areas of strengths and gaps

Stimulate a growth mindset

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Build essential skills for future success

Maximize ROI from Learning and Development strategy

Reskill and upskill your employees for competitive edge

Use recommendations on how skills gaps can be closed in the most efficient way and reinforce continuous learning and a growth mindset

Identify, retain and develop top talent

Improve employee retention and development in a time of talent shortage

Adopt effective strategies to aid employee engagement and retain valuable talent

Improve engagement across all talent processes with timely data and targeted and precise recommendations

Identify and place the best talent for each role

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Offer targeted career development and mobility opportunities

Empower your employees through the opportunity marketplace

Align employees career aspirations with business goals

Stimulate personal growth and promote talent diversity for improving business outcomes

Unlock workforce potential by aligning each employee’s career aspirations to business strategy

Boost employee growth and satisfaction with AI-powered talent analytics

Talent management decisions with highest business impact

Make talent management decisions with highest business impact and ensuring future readiness

Use data to provide intelligence on what people can do instead of just what they have done in the past

Future-proof your workforce, identify and build critical skills for your organization

Build a data driven plan for Talent2025 and Talent2030

EDLIGO Talent Analytics helps you optimize talent management decisions by leveraging data and AI

EDLIGO Talent Analytics Solution

EDLIGO provides a comprehensive Talent Analytics solution for data-driven talent management

Competency Analytics

Analyze data, manage people risks and contribute to the design and implementation of HR programs and capabilities.

Workforce Planning Analytics

Deliver in-the-moment talent plans and align departmental staffing needs with organizational objectives.

Learning & Development Analytics

Deliver effective learning and development plan that is aligned with people and business goals.

Performance Management Analytics

Deliver timely strategic insights to develop action plans to achieve your organizational goals.

Seamless Integration with various platforms

EDLIGO can be easily integrated with any of HCM or LMS platforms for data collection and procession.

Use Your Existing Data

Connect EDLIGO Analytics with any of existing source of HR Data

Protect Your Data and Privacy

Make sure that the data of your people is well-protected.

Get your HR strategy to a new level

Make the right decisions in talent management and develop a data-driven HR strategy using the power of data and AI

Industry Insights

Stay tuned with the latest industry insights about Talent Management and People Analytics

Jobs and competencies are always changing. A well-targeted and timely upskilling and reskilling strategy can assist your organization in preparing for the future and meeting new demands. Discover how to create an effective upskilling and reskilling strategy.

It is important that organizations get a clear picture of the expenses associated with hiring a new employee for better financial planning. But how to determine these costs in the most accurate way?

Use Talent Analytics for employee retention to save hiring costs.

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