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“With the right Talent Analytics platform like EDLIGO, performance improvement plans will finally be poised to dramatically improve people, experience, performance and financial result with significant value for the organization.”

HR Expert Emma Smith, The Horsey HR Lady

Reimund Nienaber

HR Thought Leader and Consulting Director

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The abilities, skills and competencies of employees are what make a company successful. To overview these resources, to use them optimally and to develop them according to demand has always been a big challenge and is optimally solved with EDLIGO. The optimization of workforce management – data-based with respect for the people in the company and positive influence on the company’s goals.

Helga Miegel EDLIGO Talent Analytics Partner

Helga Miegel

Team Developer, Agile Coach, Design Thinking Expert

HR Expert Emma Smith, The Horsey HR Lady

Emma Smith

Founder of The Horsey HR Lady, an expert in data-driven HR practices, and a certified auditor for ISO30414

“In a world full of data, HR teams need to leverage the data that they have whilst the business is making decisions. EDLIGO’s platform is easy to use for employees, managers and HR teams to really start to dig into Talent Analytics. “

“The growing need in businesses to make decisions based on data promotes the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in Human Resources that facilitate information management and simplify decision-making. For this reason, our alliance with EDLIGO will allow us to provide our clients with broader solutions that will help them make better decisions in the field of talent, especially in Latin America where we are getting started to dive deeper into People Analytics.”

EDLIGO and SEED Partner to Revolutionize the HR Landscape in Latin America

Stefan Scharnagl


Dr Dieter Veldsman<br />

Something that has remained consistent in the last couple of years is the importance of data, the significance of evidence-based practices, and how we utilize Talent Analytics as part of the toolbox of HR professionals.” 

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Dr Dieter Veldsman

Chief Scientist: HR and OD at AIHR

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