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Our Management Team

Lassaad Essafi EDLIGO CEO

Dr. Lassaad Essafi

Co-founder and CEO of EDLIGO

Stephan Schroeder EDLIGO

Stephan Schröder

Co-founder and a Managing Director of EDLIGO

Kais Louizi EDLIGO

Kais Louizi

Co-founder and a Managing Director of EDLIGO

Our Team Members

Our experienced team is here to assist you in your Talent and Learning Analytics journey

Ahmed Gümüs EDLIGO

Ahmed Gümüs

Account Executive - Sales

Dorra Souilem EDLIGO

Dorra Souilem

Business Development Manager

Emna Gaieb EDLIGO

Emna Gaieb

Content Marketing Manager

Gert Koolma EDLIGO

Gert Koolma

Director Sales & Account Management

Maria Olívia Bammert EDLIGO

Maria Olívia Bammert

Business Development Manager

Margot Celene Perez Almanza

Margot Celene Perez Almanza

Business Development Manager

Mariia Manuilova EDLIGO

Mariia Manuilova

Business Development Manager

Natalia Strubcheuskaya

Business Development Manager

Reimund Nienaber EDLIGO Thought Leader

Reimund Nienaber

HR Thought Leader, Consulting Director

Zehra Yilmaz EDLIGO HR analytics

Zehra Yilmaz

Business Development Manager

EDLIGO Workforce Analytics

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