Transforming Talent Efficiency in Technology and Engineering


Address tech talent scarcity by attracting, developing and retaining top talent


Boost quality and efficiency by optimizing processes aligning talent with client needs


Adapt to industry changes with targeted upskilling and reskilling strategies

Talent Analytics for Technology and Engineering

Attract, Develop and Retain Top Talent

Overcome tech talent scarcity by attracting, developing and retaining top talent with a help of AI-powered recommendations

Optimize Task Allocation

Enhance project delivery and client satisfaction through talent optimization, ensuring alignment of skills with project requirements

Achieve Competitive Edge

Maintain a competitive edge by identifying and closing skill gaps, and ensuring the competitiveness of your employees


Driving Tech and Engineering Talent Forward with HR Transformation

workforce planning EDLIGO

Upskill and Reskill Your Talent for a Competitive Edge

EDLIGO enhances organizational readiness for the future by offering personalized learning plans that target each employee’s specific skill gaps, ensuring a competitive, skilled, and future-ready workforce

Effectively Predict Attrition and Retain Top Talent

EDLIGO’s AI-powered insights effectively address tech talent scarcity by identifying skills at risk due to attrition and retirement, guiding organizations in attracting, developing, and retaining top talent for sustained growth

Match Skills and Expertise to Projects

EDLIGO optimizes your tech and engineering teams by matching their expert skills with evolving client needs, elevating project execution and customer satisfaction


Skills-Based Talent Management

EDLIGO Project Planning Assistant Talent Analytics
1. Map people and skills to identify gaps

EDLIGO creates a comprehensive map of your organization’s workforce, cataloging each employee’s skills, and analyzes these capabilities against competency framework, project requirements and industry trends to effectively pinpoint areas for skill enhancement

2. Provide personalized upskilling and reskilling

Based on identified skill gaps, EDLIGO provides personalized learning and development recommendations for each employee, ensuring targeted upskilling

3. Implement succession planning and rotation

AI-powered Talent Analytics facilitates future leadership and key position changes with strategic succession planning and recommends job rotations aligned with employee skills and career aspirations, fostering a dynamic and adaptable workforce

4. Predict attrition and retain top talent

EDLIGO predicts potential talent attrition, allowing for proactive measures to retain key personnel and mitigate risks associated with unexpected departures

5. Enhance employee experience

EDLIGO enhances employee experience by offering transparency in career progression paths and tailoring learning plans to individual career goals, thereby boosting engagement and satisfaction

6. Optimize client satisfaction and business outcomes

EDLIGO improves project success and customer satisfaction by expertly aligning talent with client needs, and monitors project performance to ensure optimal skill deployment for better business results


Increase in Company's Revenues

Up to


Increase in Utilization of Training Resources

Up to


Decrease in Attrition Rates

Up to

Leverage Agile and Data-Driven Talent Strategies

EDLIGO empowers technology organizations with advanced data-driven talent strategies, fostering a successful, agile, and future-ready workforce

Why AI-Powered Talent Analytics Is the Key to Your Success

Talent Analytics ROI Calculator EDLIGO

Uncover the Talent Analytics opportunity

Talent Analytics ROI Calculator

Discover the true potential of Talent Analytics with the EDLIGO ROI Calculator. Uncover the hidden opportunities within your workforce and harness the power of data-driven decision-making.

Talent Analytics ROI Calculator EDLIGO

How to build a skills-based organization

Case Study

Capgemini partnered with EDLIGO to establish a Talent Intelligence Platform to help implement its talent agenda.

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