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Effective Workforce Planning Powered with AI

EDLIGO Talent Analytics and Learning Analytics AI

Organizations with skills-based approach 


are more likely to place talent effectively

Deloitte, 2023


are more likely to retain high performers

Deloitte, 2023

AI-Powered Talent Analytics for Workforce Planning

Leverage AI recommendations and predictive analytics for skills-driven and efficient workforce planning delivering business agility

Benefit from skills-based  workforce planning


Establish a data-driven skills inventory, identify and close competency gaps, and build essential skills for future success


Reduce costs by focusing on internal hiring, efficient talent allocation and targeted personalized upskilling and reskilling plans

Workforce Planning Analytics EDLIGO
AI Powered Project and Teams Staffing with EDLIGO

Effectively match talent to teams and projects


Match employees to tasks based on skills, competencies, availability and aspirations, rather than roles


Diagnose projects' and departments' performance and risks, identify and select the right employees and increase leader effectiveness

What our customers say about EDLIGO

Testimonials from users of EDLIGO Talent Analytics

“Entire leadership of the organization received above side view to plan the strategy to develop workforce and plan the strategy to meet the overall ambition of the organization.”

“EDLIGO gave us a very clear picture of employee aspirations and skills sets which helped us design career paths for high-potential employees.”

“Time spent on this activity was beneficial. It allowed me to structure my competencies and see where I stand and where I want to be.”

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