Jeff Wellstead and Gert Koolma:

AI for Strategic Talent Transformation

Unlock the power of AI for HR and strategic workforce transformation in an exclusive webinar with EDLIGO Talent Analytics and Jeff Wellstead. Gain insights and strategies to revolutionize talent management.

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Jeff and Gert EDLIGO webinar

“At the heart of every successful enterprise lies a commitment to nurturing its workforce, and this is where our alliance with EDLIGO shines brightest. Leveraging groundbreaking analytics, EDLIGO enables us to redefine the employee experience, offering a clear roadmap for development, engagement, and organizational growth. This strategic collaboration ensures that our clients benefit from a holistic approach to talent management, where data-driven insights lead to actionable strategies for enhancing performance and achieving operational excellence. With EDLIGO, we are not just adapting to the future of work; we are creating it.”

Jeff Wellstead<br />

Jeff Wellstead

AI in HR technology expert and People Analytics Practitioner, Founder of Big Bear Partners, Ltd.

Data-Driven Operational Efficiency

Strengthen your organization with AI-driven Talent Analytics, refining every aspect of talent management for superior excellence and competitive edge

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