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Improve leader and HR manager effectiveness by leveraging AI-based Predictive Analytics


of HR Leaders prioritize Leader and Manager Effectiveness in 2023



of time HR professionals spend on admin work within HR



of CHRO feel prepared for the Future of Work


Talent Analytics Platform

Upgrade Leader’s and HR’s Operational Efficiency

Automate tasks with AI-powered Talent Analytics

Automate Learning and Development processes with personalized recommendations on how to close skills gaps

Enhance employee assessments with data-driven insights and real-time metrics

Facilitate data-driven decision-making by providing HR leaders with real-time, actionable insights into workforce trends and patterns

Targeted Learning And Development with EDLIGO Talent Analytics HR

Use early alert system and predictive analytics to foresee:

Employee Engagement: Identify employees who may be at risk of disengagement and proactively intervene to improve satisfaction

Employee Turnover: Identify employees who may be at risk of leaving and intervene to improve employee retention

Future Skills: Identify employees who may need to develop current and future skills and provide targeted training opportunities

Performance: Identify employees who may be at risk of underperforming and provide targeted support

Workforce Planning: Anticipate future workforce needs and make informed decisions about talent mobility

Benefits of HR automation with EDLIGO Talent Analytics

Transparency about processes and decision-making
Less time spent on administartive tasks
Employee and company information stored securely
All employee data stored in one place
Data-powered decisions for the future
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